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Mini Upside-Down Pineapple Slab Cake – Pineapple recipe #3

Mini Upside-Down Pineapple Slab Cake is baking at Brains & Beans today!

If you have been following my posts then you’d know I am doing all things Pineapple this summer. Pineapple Iced tea is already published, learn to make it here.

A year ago, I was searching the web for Pineapple cake and stumbled upon this recipe of Jam hand’s Moist Pineapple Banana Bread. I was scared to try because of eggs but proceeded anyway. Although, the instructions was clear, I struggled with the end result a bit.  Probably because of the cake tin I used and the replacement of sugar with Jaggery . Also, handling Pineapple and its juice was new to me. But the cake tasted good anyway!

If you read Mint-Watermelon-Paneer Salad, you’d know what my ‘web’ is.

This year I wanted to try my hands at upside-down cake, instead of looking for recipe elsewhere I thought I would implement the same recipe. I vouch for wheat cakes. They are healthy and pairs well with Jaggery. It’s a match made in heaven.

In traditional upside-down cake, melted butter is sprinkled with sugar. I did it with Jaggery. To be honest, I was quite terrified and had my nose on alert for burnt Jaggery but they were well caramelised. Like the caramalisation we would hope for Adirasam making.

This upside down cake is EGGLESS. I am always skeptical about using eggs in cakes but I do it anyway for the sake of the sponginess. Recently I made banana muffins with eggs and they were so fluffy! Besides, you can never go wrong with any banana cake/muffin recipe, my all time favourite.

In Redefining and Refocussing I talked about finding my way into the blogging world. On behalf of that I was doing some research and came across Cookie and Kate’s well written Top 20 tips for food bloggers. She also shared links to other food blogging resources which was very informative and something a newbie food bloggers should read if they value readership more than hits.

Coming back to our recipe, the cake is only an inch thick and that is why I am calling it a slab. I made it in 250g(13cm diameter) square Cake tin.

This recipe calls for sunflower oil, feel free to use any neutral oil. I like to use oil because it’s always at home and makes moist cakes. Usually wheat cakes are crumbly, don’t be surprised when this Pineapple cake is crumbly and teeny bit fudgy. Its a part and parcel of using wheat flour.

Come on, let’s learn how to make this indulgent Pineapple-Banana-Coconut Cake!

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Cuisine: International
Total time: 40 minutes
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For the Upside-down part

2 Pineapple rings with holes in the centre and 2 two-inch pineapple tidbits(refer the image)

4 halved Cherries

1/2 tablespoon of melted Butter

1 tablespoon of grated Jaggery

For the cake

1/4 Cup of squeezed and tightly packed Pineapple chunks

2 Tablespoons of mashed Banana (or one small Banana)

2 Tablespoons of grated Coconut

1/2 Cup of Wheat Flour

1/8 Cup of Oil

1/4 Cup of Jaggery

1/4 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

A Pinch of Salt

  • Dissolve the given amount of Jaggery in 1/4 Cup of water and strain to remove dirt.
  • Oil only the sides of cake tin and dust with flour.
DIRECTIONS: Mini Upside-Down Pineapple Slab Cake

Step 1: Preheat the oven at 180° C for 10 minutes.

Upside-down Part

Step 2: Pour the melted butter into the cake tin, sprinkle with grated jaggery, arrange the Pineapple slices on top and place the Cherries(smooth surface facing down) at the centre of each Pineapple ring.

Cake batter

Step 2: Sift all the dry ingredients( Wheat flour, Salt and Baking soda) twice in a medium-sized bowl.

Step 3: Add Oil and diluted Jaggery to another medium-sized bowl. To it, add Pineapple chunks(without juice, that is why it is measured by squeezing), mashed banana and grated coconut and whisk well.

Step 4: Add the dry ingredients to wet and mix or fold until just combined. Transfer into Cake tin(which already has the Pineapple rings arranged) and tap the tin few times to get rid of air bubbles.

Step 5: After preheating the oven for 10 minutes, bake the cake at 180° C for 30 minutes or until tooth pick inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Author notes
  • Replace Oil with melted butter, if you want.
  • Generally this recipe’s batter will be thick but add a teaspoon of oil if that is not your preferable pouring consistency.

Now you can make your Pineapple cake and eat it too! Let me know what you think of this recipe in the comments below.

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