• 6 moderncommandments for ahealthy life (1)

    6 modern commandments for a healthy life

    We all want a healthy life but are we all consistent in following the rules? No. Even though we all know what we have to do for a better us, we procrastinate or find a way around to skip and…

  • All-in-one everyday madras curry powder at brainsandbeans dot com

    All-in-one Everyday Madras Curry Powder

    How y’all doing this weekend? As the name suggest, this curry powder is an all rounder. well, at least in the southern kitchens of India or utmost among my kith and kins. Yes, I have gone rogue and didn’t pay…

  • powdered oats upma (oat flour upma) at brainsandbeans dot com

    Powdered Oats upma – A minimal Oat flour upma

    A minimal Oat Flour Upma – Do you really buy Oat flour from stores? They are nothing but powdered instant oats(if you are thinking about Quick cooking Oat flour). Quaker Oats gave out a recipe book some years back as…

  • Breakfast

    Tomato and Eggs on toast

    Tomato and Eggs on toast is my go-to breakfast, of course, when I actually have bread at home! Ah! look at that toasts. I am only making a post so that I can publish these pictures because I am so…

  • Recipes

    Filleted-Mango and Nungu Salad

    Filleted-Mango and Nungu salad with honey lemon drizzle is fresh and cooling during the hot days of summer. It’s neither Summer nor Monsoon season here and I realised how slow I am in posting recipes. I have a bunch of…

  • Recipes

    Minimal Banana Thincakes

    Minimal Banana thincakes are super easy and delicious to make. It is traditionally called as Vazhapazha dosai in Tamil language. We usually make them with White flour, mashed banana and jaggery(Indian sweetener), spiced with cardamom and is served as an evening…

  • Recipes

    Mini Fruit and Veg Popsicle – tricolour popsicles

    Mini Fruit and Veg Popsicles come handy during those so-little-leftover-frozen-fruit days. What do you do if it’s one of those days where you sit and think about all the regrets in your life? You don’t have ice cream at home…