Banana and Tangerine muffins: egg-free and wheat muffins

Banana and Tangerine muffins are perfect to make when you don’t have the good ol’ oranges at hand.

Oh, how I terribly miss oranges when they are not around the corner!

They were right about chocolate and oranges! I once made a ganache out of them and they were delicious!

Tangerines are not as sweet as oranges. Their difference in appearance always gives them away. If Orange and Citrus limetta (saathukudi or sweet lemon) had a baby and if it looked not like them but their grandparents then that is tangerine to you. Not too sweet not too sour, just the right amount to wake your taste buds and tell you that it doesn’t resemble orange in any way except its colour.


wheat banana and tangerine orange muffin at brainsandbeans dot com

I was bored(as usual) of my regular breakfast which is tasty dry fruits oatmeal (psst, you should check it out). We had some Tangerine and Bananas gifted to us by relatives. I don’t exactly remember the occasion.

When life gives you banana, you always make some good banana bread or muffins. I leave the choice to you. Or you can also try my banana thincakes which is simply a fancy name for vazhaipazham dosai(Banana pancakes). They are sweetened by Jaggery and is easy to make.

What I really find interesting in muffins or cakes or chocolates(yes, chocolates) is that the addition of rind actually makes the baked good tastes better!

I remember the first time I tried flavoured chocolate bar. I read the label ‘orange’ and instantly grabbed it. I wouldn’t say I was impressed with the first bite.
My expectation was to find dehydrated or some form of orange pulp in the bar but turned out they only added chunks of rind and it was surprisingly good. The taste was same as oranges, only stronger!

The original reason I added tangerine rind to these muffins was because I was running out of tangerine juice. It made me question whether the amount at hand was enough. The rind came to the rescue.

Here’s one for you. Gobble away!

wheat banana and tangerine orange muffin at brainsandbeans dot com

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Do you like tangerine in muffins? Do let me know!

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