Tomato and Eggs on toast

Tomato and Eggs on toast is my go-to breakfast, of course, when I actually have bread at home!

eggs and tomato on toast tomato at brainsandbeans dot com

Ah! look at that toasts. I am only making a post so that I can publish these pictures because I am so proud of them!

To be honest, I am the kind of person that discards tomato chunks from any kuzhambu(Indian stew for rice) and other breakfast recipes.

You can imagine what my views on raw tomato would be like. Yes, I despise them!

well, that was a strong word for a beautiful red fruit.

Yes, it is technically a fruit.

I wouldn’t have touched a tomato if it wasn’t for the salted butter. For this recipe I used unsalted butter but salted is the best for toast and tomato combination.

The crunchiness of toast and seasoned tomato goes so well together, you should try it someday.

Hahaha, if any of my friends read this then they would definitely mock me.

Okay, for this lazy breakfast all you are going to do is slice some tomatoes, scramble an egg and toast the bread!


eggs and tomato on toast toast at brainsandbeans dot com

I broiled the bread slices in OTG(Oven Toaster Grill) on top shelf for 10 minutes each side at 200° C, buttering them halfway through toasting.

Eggs can be scrambled in many ways. I chose the one I feel comfortable with. That is, crack it open in a bowl, add salt, whisk well and scramble until cooked.


eggs and tomato on toast eggs at brainsandbeans dot com

Tomato and Eggs on toast

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 4 toasts
For Toast
4 slices of white bread
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
For spread
1 medium-sized red tomato
1 Egg
1/4 teaspoon tablesalt divided
1/8 teaspoon pepper powder

For toast

  • Preheat OTG oven for 10 minutes at 200 degree Celsius. Once hot, arrange four slices of bread and broil for 10 minutes on top shelf.
  • Butter and flip the bread slices. Broil for another 10 minutes.
    For spread
  • Crack an egg in a small bowl and add salt. Heat an omelette pan, drizzle some oil and pour the whisked egg.
  • Once the egg starts to settle, immediately scramble continuously until cooked through.
  • Cut a medium-sized tomato into thin slices.
  • eggs and tomato on toast slices at brainsandbeans dot com
  • Arrange tomato slices and scrambled eggs on toast. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

Give salads of a go! Have some Mint watermelon and paneer salad and Mango papaya salsa.

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