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Dry Idli Upma

Dry Idli Upma. Yes, it is made of Idli. Any questions?

This(Idli) South Indian staple food, made by steaming the fermented batter of rice flour and splitbean, has become so versatile these days that you can find them in every culture’s menu. You can also find many varieties of it on the internet created by food enthusiasts all over the world. If this version of dry Idli Upma is not in your menu then you should add it ASAP because it is kid-friendly.

What is the reason for Idli’s popularity?

On top of being a nutritious food, Idli is flexible and forgiving enough to blend well with any flavour added to it. Thus, making it a favourite of anyone that tastes Idli for the first time.

I do not cook regional food often because I have the habit of only making breakfast and dinner   because I do not know the process. I sail the oatmeal or small millet ship. I do know how to make Idli and Dosai, though.

Haha.. of course I am cursed by the first Dosai and I have only made stuffed vegetables Idli. I have never ever steamed the basic Idli once in my life! I guess you can make the basic when you know how to make a variety of its kind, don’t you think?

I have this theory that you can learn from your Mother any day but you need to have a certain wavelength or mood to make something new. Hence, the delay in making Tamil cuisine foods. With this blog I am going to achieve that. Crossing my heart, I am promising myself .

If you read my About page then you probably know what this blog is all about. Do check it out, click on the highlighted green text.

Suddenly one day, before I even had the thought about writing a blog, I wanted to make the famous idli upma. The opportunity presented itself, we had enough overnight’s idlis to serve two people. I knew the process would be very simple. So I asked my mom for the recipe, she told me this and that.

Off I go.. to the kitchen, reaching for my tools ( measuring cups LOL, missed my whisk that day. Whisks are used a lot in my kitchen!) and set out on my goal.

I am not afraid to admit that I added rock salt to the upma .

Tisk ..tisk.. not very clever now, are we?

You are supposed to add fine salt to anything that involves dry affair. Okay, I learned my lesson. My mother was kind enough to forgive me. Let us move on now, please .

I was proud anyway because I made the dry idli upma all by myself. I do not like anybody inspecting me in the kitchen, I want them to let me handle the business alone. One, because I get nervous and two, I forgot the reason .

You know what is hard? Writing a blog, especially the food blogs. I am not even finger-deep in the blogging community and I find it so hard to write about the measurements of food already. Imagine the pro bloggers who makes it seem like it’s easy as Pie. Brava!

Speaking of which, check out my first blog post ever about the glorious Watermelon, the King of Summer fruits in a humble form of a salad. Do not stuck at eating only the cubed watermelon, try something new! Make it for your loved ones too.

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Meanwhile the things are being said and done. Let me write about the health benefits of this Dry Idli Upma in general.

Health Benefits Of Dry Idli Upma
  • Low fat
  • Easily digestible
  • Good source of carbohydrates( not all carbs are bad. Keep calm and trust Idli)
  • Protein rich
  • Natural anti-inflammatory because of turmeric. Click next page.

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Author: Beans of BrainsANDBeans.com
Category: Breakfast
Cuisine: Tamil
Total time: 10-15 minutes
Serves: 2 people

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6 Idlis or 4 Cups(loosely packed ) of mashed Idli by hand

2 Tablespoons of sunflower oil or any neutral oil

1 Teaspoon of black mustard seeds

1/4 teaspoon of turmeric

1/2 teaspoon of split black lentils(without husk)/urad dal

1/2 teaspoon of chana dal/split black gram

1 medium sized green chili

1 Cup of finely chopped onion

1 Teaspoon of fine salt

few sprigs of curry leaves, approximately 8  leaves

  • Mash the Idlis roughly with your hands. I mashed till no big chunks are visible. My mixture was mostly coarse in texture.
  • Measure four cups of it and set aside in a bowl. We make bigger Idlis, so the measurement for you may vary. Don’t fret. If you get the cup measurement right then you are good to go.
  • Cut open green chili, length-wise. Remove the seeds and chop finely.
  • Wash the curry leaves thoroughly in water.
  • Assemble the remaining ingredients in appropriate bowls or plates
  1. Heat a Wok or Kadai in a medium flame. Let it heat up.
  2. Add two tablespoon of oil. Wait for it to get hot.
  3. Add mustard seeds, let it splutter.
  4. Quickly add both the chana and urad dhals, wait till it turns golden brown in colour.
  5. Then add the finely chopped green chilli and curry leaves. Keep away from the stove, for the curry leaves to splutter. It’s the oil and water combination, you know. Of course you already know
  6. After the green chili and curry leaves turn darker colour, add finely chopped onion.
  7. Saute the onion till golden brown in colour.
  8. Add turmeric powder and mix well for a minute.
  9. Add salt. This is totally up to to you. Increase or decrease according to your taste. Remember, the Idlis already have salt in them.
  10. Mix mashed Idli mixture well with the sauteed onions.
  11. Use the folding method.
  12. Now you can see the beautiful yellow colour blending well over the Wok/Kadai. Taste it. Add salt if needed.
  13. Switch off the stove.
  14. Portion it in a bowl or plate.
  15. Serve.
  • I remove seeds from the green chili because that’s where the heat comes from.
  • Green chili is finely chopped because then you cannot fish it out of the upma and discard . It’s a win-win situation.
  • 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric is to achieve the dual tone colour. You can increase the amount if you want.


I know to some of you this reminds of the good ol’ childhood.

Do tell me what are the other versions of Idli upma you have tried or made, in the comments section below


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Cheers! Stay healthy, eat well

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