Mini Fruit and Veg Popsicle – tricolour popsicles

Mini Fruit and Veg Popsicles come handy during those so-little-leftover-frozen-fruit days.

What do you do if it’s one of those days where you sit and think about all the regrets in your life? You don’t have ice cream at home to comfort you either.

No, you don’t get sadder!

You make icy Popsicle instead!

mini fruit and veg popsicle bowl at brainsandbeans dot com

Regrets come and go but popsicles stay for life.

I didn’t know what to make with leftover tidbits of frozen fruits after making delicious Smoothie bowl, coconut-curd pineapple rice and upside-down pineapple cake so I decided to make some Popsicles at home. Hence, the uneven amount of pulps.

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Popsicles are generally called as Kucchi Ice(Ice on stick) or Kulfi(if made with milk) in India.

Earliest memory of them for anybody in TamilNadu would be the vendor roaming the streets at night(possibly after dinnertime) in his bicycle with the Popsicle container in the passenger seat and ringing the bell to announce that he’s here.

Some vendors sold Popsicle sprinkled with semiya/vermicelli(a type of pasta), it was an interesting twist. We would always buy them as kids whenever we visit our grandfather’s place. Popsicles was a relief to hot summer days. Plus, a cheap treat.

Passage of time and emergence of Ice-cream industry saw the decline of Kucchi Ice and its vendor, but they still do their routines in some parts of the state, including mine.

Some of the other reasons why people(some) stopped buying them anymore was because of the thought that the water used was not purified. Although germs cannot survive in too hot or too cold environment, it is something a developing country needs to have a second look at (street foods) and set practical guidelines.

Oh, let’s lighten the mood and make some colourful Popsicles!

Mini Fruit and Veg Popsicle – tricolour popsicles

Prep Time: 3 to 4 hours
Servings: 3 mini popsicles


Three 75ml mini Popsicle moulds
Three Popsicle sticks


3/8 cup ground mango pulp divided into three parts or tripartite(1/8, 1/8, 1/8)
3/8 cup beetroot juice tripartited
3 Tablespoon ground papaya pulp tripartited
1/4 teaspoon Lemon juice
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
mini fruit and veg popsicle 3 at brainsandbeans dot com



  1. Dissolve lemon juice and sugar in the beetroot juice to make beetroot lemonade. (Beet juice is obtained by grinding a small piece of beetroot with water and straining them).
  2. Clean and fill three Popsicle moulds with 1/8 cup of ground mango pulp each and freeze for half an hour.
  3. Take out and pour 1/8 cup of beetroot lemonade on top and freeze for another half hour or until the liquid seems to set on top, forming a delicate layer.
  4. After which popsicle sticks are inserted into them. Do not insert all the way. Leave some gap between end of the popsicle stick and the mould’s bottom. Preferably, a centimeter.
  5. After an hour, pour the ground papaya pulp on top and freeze until completely set.


  • I made it with leftover frozen fruits, room temperature pulp works too.
  • Recipe is simple, works with any popsicle mould quantity. Simply divide the amount by 3, fill, insert sticks and freeze. You are done!

mini fruit and veg popsicle 3 at brainsandbeans dot com

Do you also make Popsicle at home and what is your favourite flavour?

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