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Protein bites: 3-ingredient, 6 ways and easy to make

Protein bites: 3-ingredient and 6 ways – learn how to make this protein powerhouse snack.

Are you one of those Women whose hemoglobin count always seems to be below the normal range no matter how much you try to eat?

Welcome to the gang, ladies(or gents)!

Visits Doc during menstrual cramps

Doc: Eat 7 to 10 Dates everyday.

Me(internally): But they are expensive and doesn’t taste that good!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I cannot believe I am calling an app, my best friend.  

Sorry, my real best friend. Red logo stole the show today. Of course, I am talking about Pinterest. But I didn’t follow any recipe for this post.

These protein bites are so good that your colleague would try to shamelessly  score some from you after finishing their own snack!

Making protein balls are very simple and it turns out you don’t need any recipe at all. Simply use your instinct, blend (approximately) equal amounts of almonds and seedless dates. Include some add-ons if you like and you are done.

Add-ons: Pistachio, cocoa powder, protein powder, sesame seeds(black and white, roasted), peanut butter, hemp seeds, etc. The list is endless.

Warning about add-ons: Don’t be greedy with peanut butter. Almond is already oily and enormous amount of peanut butter will make the bites reek of oil. That neither looks pretty nor looks good during shaping.

Always pulse almonds and then add dates. Better yet you can pound almonds separately and proceed normally.

Rolling the bites in add-on is completely optional. I only did that to make people aware of what flavour they are of.


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Protein bites: 3-ingredient, 6 ways and easy to make

Prep Time: 5-20 minutes
Servings: 12 bites, depends on the size


For protein bites
100g Almonds
200g seedless dates
1 teaspoon pistachios
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon white sesame seeds roasted
1 teaspoon black sesame seeds roasted
1 teaspoon protein powder chocolate flavour
For garnish(optional)
1 teaspoon of each powdered almonds, powdered pistachio, roasted black and white sesame seeds, protein and cocoa powder for rolling the bites
protein bites at brainsandbeans dot com


  • Add whole almonds to a medium-sized blender and pulse until they break into pieces.
  • Add seedless dates and grind them into coarse mixture. Tip it onto a plate and divide the dough into six equal portions.
  • Add the dough back into the blender one portion at a time and grind until smooth. Use smaller jar for this process. Usually, the dough forms an immovable mass and sticks to the sides and that is how you know its ready.
  • Transfer to a plate and do the same with other portions of the dough.
  • 1st portion makes: Almond and dates bites, 2nd : almond-dates-pistachio, 3rd: almond-dates-cocoa, 4th: almond-dates-white sesame seed, 5th: almond-dates-black sesame seed, 6th: almond-dates-protein powder bites
  • Transfer to a plate and make balls of your desired diameter. Roll them into their respective add-on ingredient and store in an air-tight container.


  • Protein bites can last two weeks to a month in the refrigerator. Leave them on counter for few minutes before consuming.
  • I shaped them into 1 inch diameter balls.

Pack some bites for midday snack and never feel weak! How do you increase your iron intake?

Other snack to enjoy: Papaya-mango salsa and Bakery style minimal carrot filling sandwich.

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