Stir-fry vegetables with rice – Another recipe for leftover rice

Stir-fry vegetables with rice is easy and effortless to make if you consider stirring vegetables isn’t a chore!

The main motto of this recipe was to make stir-fry vegetables. You can hike the rice quantity up to 4 Cups.

vegetable fried rice at brainsandbeans dot com

I made this a few weeks ago, extra addition of soy sauce made it dark. I couldn’t bring myself to post it even though it tasted good.

When it comes to certain vegetables, I like it crunchy. Yes, I am talking about the orange guy!

Carrot, People!

I almost always use dried green peas in my recipes. They are easily available and are chemical free. Peas in the pods are expensive and they are not readily accessible where I live. Believe it or not, I only tasted/seen them last year.

In case of using dried green peas, soak them 8 hours or overnight, depending on when you are planning to make the stir-fry.

If you forgot to soak, bring some water in a vessel to a rolling boiling point, add the peas, wait for a minute and switch off the stove. Soak for an hour before preparation.

I normally cook dried peas and beans in pressure cooker. This method is quicker and hence, saves time.


Mince Garlic first before all other vegetables as it will allow them to release an antioxidant compound called Allicin that has various medicinal properties including antibacterial. A tip I picked up from an article by Greatist.

You know what my next mission is?

Improving my food vocabulary and giving justice to the food that I make when it takes a literal form. I was reading some vintage books. Some of them don’t have a recipe but was cleverly written. Neither too personal nor too distant. Just an appropriate voice.

Here goes my try.

This stir-fry was crunchy from the way diced carrots and bell peppers were cooked and aromatic because of ginger and garlic. Growing up, I was never a fan of garlic. I hunt and discard them from some dishes(even now!) but not without a subtle glare from my mother. I was sceptical about using it in this recipe. Some time ago I figured out how to tolerate or manipulate my mind to eat it( like a child!). The key was to minced it thoroughly. I do the same with green Chilli and curry leaves.

It barely gives me a chance to inspect and discard. If you tried my Vegan Masala Oats and Minimal Sandwich Filling with only carrots and onions then you’d know. You can never find a trace of them in the recipes and it goes straight  to your stomach!

Additionally, I used palm oil to stir-fry. My mom bought it out of blue from PDS(ration). I wouldn’t get into argument of healthy and unhealthy here. My grandmothers used it. It wont kill you to use it once a while. Just like a piece of cake wouldn’t make you gain a hundred pounds overnight.

Do you know Nutella uses palm oil? Now, what are you going to say about that?

I never tasted Nutella, I have only eaten chocolate hazelnut spread and that was before Nutella ever existed. I used to make sandwich cookies with Marie biscuit. Yes, Marie biscuit. It has no cholesterol. Also, because they ‘seem’ to contain a lot in the packet because of their skinny design. Oh, my ramblings have started, isn’t it?

I have remedy for that. I am adding ‘jump to the recipe’ shortcode at the beginning. You must have either skipped it or you are like me who likes storytelling!

Generally, stir-fries are made in high heat. Since my Wok/Kadai isn’t heavy bottomed, I cooked it in slow flame. Check the instruction for more details!

Stir-fry vegetables with rice – Another recipe for leftover rice

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20-25 minutes
Servings: 2 very small serving


1 Tablespoon Palm oil or Sunflower Oil
1 large Garlic peeled and minced
1 inch Ginger peeled and minced
1/2 Cup diced Green Bell Peppers/Capsicum
1 Cup diced Carrot
1/8 Cup cooked Green Peas
1/8 Teaspoon Table-salt divided
1 1/2 Cup cooked leftover Rice
1/2 Tablespoon Soy Sauce or a little more
Serving option
A glass of mango juice
Stir-fry vegetables with rice bowl at brainsandbeans dot com


  • Heat a large Wok or Kadai on low heat. Once hot, add oil and let it heat up.
  • Add the minced ginger and garlic. Let them fry until they are rough in texture, do not let them burn. That is, do not let them turn deep brown colour.
  • Slide in capsicum and continuously saute in medium flame until raw smell goes away and it sightly changes colour, approximately two minutes. Sometimes they give a little pop, it’s normal.
  • Add diced carrot and do the same until they are a little tender. I like mine crunchy so I stirred it only for 10 minutes and letting them rest every 2 minutes in between.
  • Add peas, season with half the salt and stir in with the rest of the vegetables for a minute.
  • Add leftover rice, drizzle soy sauce evenly, sprinkle remaining salt and mix thoroughly for a minute or two. Let the essence soak in.
  • More sauce and salt can be added if one desires. Serve hot with some mango juice.


  • Motto of this recipe is stir-fry vegetables. You can increase the rice quantity to 3 or 4 cups to make it a balanced meal.
  • Always adjust salt to taste and keep an eye out for burning.
  • A cup = 240ml

Do you think I should change anything in this recipe? Let me know via comments, thanks!

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