stuffed apple dosa
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Stuffed Apple Dosa

Stuffed Apple Dosa – a simple and healthy breakfast for kids and grownups alike. This recipe was inspired by Apple Fritters which is usually made with all-purpose-flour and sugar.

With more and more people becoming health conscious, they want something tasty, easy-to-make first meal of the day and something that helps them in losing weight too.

Stuffed Apple Dosa is also suitable to those people who wants to eat breakfast like a King without breaking the bank.

Do you know Apple is one of the zero-calorie foods?

The energy needed to burn/digest an Apple is greater then the calorie of the Apple itself.

No more counting calories!

Did you always want to eat something sweet for breakfast and the only thing you knew was Banana Dosai? Then it’s time to change the game and include this recipe in the menu.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s not always easy to get the kids to eat fruits and vegetables. It always ends in tears and tantrum. Instead you can sneak those delicious apple slices into a dosa, cut into cute shapes and call it a day!

This recipe is simple. You do not have to stuff the actual Apple into the Dosa. You are only going to cut and dip the slices into the batter like you would a pakoda.

How is this different from other sweetened Dosa? Jaggery is used as a sweetener instead of sugar. To make things fancy, cardamom is added for flavouring.

Instead of researching for hours and ending up with store-bought health mixes that doubles as a breakfast, you can put all the dry ingredients of stuffed apple dosa, that is, wheat flour, powdered cardamom and salt into a zip lock bag and store.

Whenever you crave a sweet and healthy breakfast in the morning, tip this dry mixture into a bowl. Add water, jaggery or sugar and dunk some apple slices into it and cook in a pan.

You can also eat this as a snack or dinner. No restrictions there!

Ta-da, your go-to recipe is ready on the plate to munch!

Sounds hard? No, problem. Check out my other quick recipes Dry-fruits Oatmeal and Dry-Idli upma, takes only 10 minutes to make!

I know, I miss banana dosai too, it’s also time we incorporated other fruits in our daily recipes to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

I also have another version of apple dosa in mind, will post it soon!

Health burst of Stuffed Apple Dosa
  • Rich in fibre
  • Vitamin C
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Detoxifying
  • Antioxidant
  • Good for depression

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Author: Beans of
Category: Breakfast-Dinner-Snack
Cuisine: International
Total Time: 25-30 minutes
My Apple Makes: 9 Whole rings + 1 ordinary Dosai + some apple tidbits(if you are not a slicing pro)

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1 medium-sized Apple

1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour/Atta

1/2 Cup of water

1/4 Cup of grated Jaggery or according to your taste

2 teaspoon of granulated sugar*

3 small pods of cardamom

A pinch of salt

*Granulated sugar is the ordinary sugar we use for daily needs

  • Wash and cut Apple horizontally into 0.5cm rings in thickness, discard the seed and seed coat
  • Dissolve Jaggery in 1/3 cup of water and filter the mixture to get rid of dirt.
  • Take two teaspoons of sugar and three small pods of cardamom in a mixer jar/blender and grind it until no cardamom seeds are visible.
  • Assemble in the ingredients. Please click next page for recipe
  1. In a bowl, whisk* 1 cup of whole wheat flour/atta and water, little by little. The consistency of batter should be between dosa and Idli, neither runny nor thick.
  2. Add the jaggery liquid mixture, a pinch of salt, the ground sugar-cardamom mixture.
  3. Whisk well and thorough.
  4. Heat a non stick tawa on medium flame.
  5. To check if the tawa is hot enough, sprinkle some water and it should sizzle. The basic rule
  6. Dip the apple rings/slice into the prepared batter.
  7. you can either carefully place the apple rings on the tawa after dipping or pat the slices on the sides of bowl to rid of excess batter. Anything works.
  8. Accommodate as many rings as your tawa size. Sprinkle some oil all around them.
  9. Wait for the top layer to change colour and the bottom to brown.
  10. Carefully flip the dosa.
  11. Once done, transfer into a plate
  12. Dust some powdered sugar and cut the middle with cookie cutter shapes, if you want.
  13. Serve with milk.
  14. Enjoy!

*Beating/whisking the batter activates the gluten. Every flour(not in rice flour) has protein, and when activated(beaten or whisked) can form gluten the holds protein together. Hence, no more first pancake disaster. Warning: Well beaten pancakes are chewy.

Author notes on STUFFED APPLE DOSA
  • Thick batter takes longer time to cook and the heat may not reach apple rings properly.
  • Thin batter yields naked apple rings, meaning, thin Atta layer.
  • Always add water little by little
  • Avoid grinding the cardamom with sugar if you want. Instead, grind them with the wheat flour.
  • Variety of the Apple decides crunchy or mushy insides of the dosa. I used the crunchy apple kind.
  • Peel the apple if you want.

What is your favourite sweet dosai?

Tell me in the comments below.

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