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Summer Fruits Smoothie Bowl: Pineapple recipe #4

Summer Fruits Smoothie Bowl is easy to make with a whiz of a blender. Literally.

Summer is getting away from us. I hope you enjoyed it as much you loathed the season. I know I did. There were days we cursed, wishing, it would go away and it stubbornly didn’t. This year’s heat was unbearable and for the first time I had heat sores. I still have tiny one on my chin, it wouldn’t go away! I am not particularly worried about my looks these days, dismissing it with a ‘meh.’

My worry was solely on the blog and I could think nothing else. It was driving me crazy. Luckily I happen upon an ebook long forgotten somewhere in the books folder, Neanderthal seeks human by Penny Reid. Initially it was a good read(the can’t put it down kind), quite similar to FSG( I read novels for the romantic element, nothing other than that interests me.Yes, I skipped the erotic part. I am weird, I know) and its characters but towards the end it felt like only two people were conversing. My rotten mood towards romance these days could have been a culprit too. Anyway, it was worth the read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Due to the heat and my oversensitive sweat glands, I could not workout too. Bummer. Otherwise I would have chosen it to clear my mind.

Smoothie bowls are my summer treats and it makes an appearance year after year I discovered them.

I was never a fan of homemade juices. I was more than satisfied when I found out you can blend and drink any kind of fruit or vegetable without discarding the fibre.

I eat pomegranate with seeds. They neither do any good nor bad, to the health. Human system cannot digest seeds and seed coats and they are discarded by the body anyway. So why try and waste your time.

Note: This is only applicable to Pomegranate seeds and other similar variety.

Eating seeds of grapes seems, well, not so good. Favouritism of smoothies birthed because I used to juice fruits when I was a kid and struggled with straining. I remember I used a muslin cloth to strain grape juice once.

Not an exceptional choice, now I see that.

In conclusion, I am happy to drink smoothie anytime over a juice even if that means making stupid decision like not discarding Pomegranate seeds.

Summer Fruits Smoothie Bowl can be made with any frozen fruits, nuts and milk. You can substitute cow’s milk with any non-diary milk too.

Oh yes, that’s the same Whole Wheat Pineapple upside down cake that was featured few days ago.

It goes without saying that picky eaters will love the bowl as there is no way they can recognize their not-so-favourite fruits. Of course, it is recommended to feed them only a small serving. I feel like a mom blogger whenever I say “kid-friendly.” I don’t even have a kid. Ha ha.

Smoothie bowls of this kind is better savoured as an evening snack as their sweetness overpowered fibre and protein content.

Now, let’s make a smoothie bowl!

Summer Fruits Smoothie Bowl: Pineapple recipe #4

Prep Time: overnight
Passive Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 small servings


For Smoothie
1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple chunks
1/2 Cup Frozen Papaya chunks
1/4 Cup Frozen Mango cubes
1 small thinly sliced and frozen Banana
4 small Almonds
1/2 Cup Cow’s Milk
For Garnish
1 whole Cashew split and roasted
4 Cherries halved
Half of small banana sliced
few bits of thawed Pineapple and papaya (optional)
summer fruit smoothie bowl with spoon at


Store the given amount of fruits in an air tight container, either separately or together in the freezer overnight. Making sure the banana are very thinly sliced.


  • Add almonds to a blender and pulse for few times until they are coarse.
  • Add the fruits in the given order and pulse for few more seconds to disintegrate them. Pour milk over and blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl.
  • Roast cashew in ghee or melted butter till they turn brown in colour.
  • Snuggle thawed fruit bits, cherries and roasted cashew into the smoothie and serve.


  • Replace cow’s milk with any non-diary milk as an healthy alternative.
  • Adjust milk quantity to your desire.

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