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Most of you that had visited Brains & Beans would have been wondering why is only Recipes are being published and nothing of Wellness or Workouts.

Allow me to explain.

That is exactly why I am calling this post ‘Redefining and Refocusing’ so that you would know what exactly to expect from wellness section.

The truth is, I did write a post relating to working out, for conservative women. It was too long and I had to halt it right away.

Even though long articles are good for SEO, it is neither user friendly nor most people have the time to read lengthy posts. Then I came up with the idea of posting it in two or more parts so that people can understand the basic concept well.

Finding my footing in the blogging world

Before proceeding further I had second thoughts about whether or not this ‘niche’ I chose for my website is a good idea.

I was very clear about the Recipe section from the beginning. It is something that would help me grow as a home cook. As a result I followed all the regional pro food bloggers out there on Instagram for some motivation and inspiration. I was get, set and ready to network with my niche people.

The more I was scrolling past and admiring the world of those wonderful people, it started to hit home and questions start to pop. Instead of feeling like arriving at the right place, I felt claustrophobic.

Those bloggers put forward a lot of food, it felt overwhelming and suffocating for someone that wanted to follow their footpath and draw inspiration.

I absolutely adore those people. They are talented and hardworking. I cannot imagine how chaotic behind the scenes would be and how they move past and shine despite the obstacles.

But they are not my people.

They are not the community I was looking for. I wanted something simple and minimal, with zero chaos and lots of colour.

I love to write(even if it’s only in simple English). I want it to reflect on my blog. I do not simply want to try, taste and post recipes on a blog. Everything in me or around me has a story, an attitude or a perspective.

How is this about working out?

Wellness section is actually going to be quite hard for me. Because it focuses on conservative women and working out.

I am not a strong believer in labels but sometimes you have to pin the subject down and call it what it is. Because you cannot reach out to people without a making a noise.

Though you can argue about more people becoming active every day, 50% of the population are yet to live a life they want.

You know what’s popular in today’s India?


We think child marriages are not in practice but it still is and children are still fighting against it.

Just because a particular city has adopted modern or westernised living doesn’t mean whole India has become modern. Old thoughts still prevails. Some good and some, crazy bad.

These things are different concepts and we are not here to talk about them

Let me drive the point home.

Just like how I struggled to find my niche and searched for them in the wrong place. You sure would have at some point in life followed a certain workout routine that would have seemed perfect but later turned out to be irrelevant.

Now, this is the reason I wanted to blog.

Redefining and Refocusing

I am here to share what I know and what worked for me so that you would know what’s in store if you decided to take up exercising.

I am going to be that little proof.

I am the girl next door you see with a bun and worn out pajamas that helps you break the statement, ‘Women of our stature doesn’t workout’ myth.

She also tells you how to nourish body and soul with healthy hearty recipes and occasionally, some glamorous food. For example, start with these Dry-Idli upma and Dry-fruits oatmeal.

Word of caution: I will never recommend something that is harmful. I am more of a ‘slow and steady’ kind of gal. But it is my responsibility to tell you that I am not a miracle worker. Neither am I a certified trainer or dietician to give you advice.

I am only here to hold your hands and guide you to the right direction. Just like how professors say during each lecture LOL.

Working out at home is not hard. You don’t have to rush it.  With determination, time management, patience and motivation, you can easily achieve the goals you want. The only thing that matters is what you want and the question that if this is what you truly want.

Remember, it’s a lifelong commitment.

Where are you right now?

I did not lose a lot of weight, only 5kg over two years which doesn’t seem a lot in number but resulted in huge difference in appearance.

My workout mostly involved HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) and loads of stretches. I do not recommend that for beginners. If you were living a sedentary life then its always good to make your body familiar with light exercises first.

Right now I am on Chapter 2 of the workout journey where I want to focus connecting the mind and body, not letting gravity take control.

Thank you for choosing Brains & Beans. Stay tuned for more!


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